Works Against Naked Albion Online Farmers Stacking

In Lineage the blood pledge there is a place called sanctuary of evil. you would have to drink a potion to remain in there that lasts for 10 minutes. if you weren't on this potion you would lose 230 health per 10 seconds. now you would have to incorporate this with a 1 minute kick function. if you were un active for 60-120 seconds you would be kicked. when restarted the potion is worn off. making you have to use another one. there is a lesser potion that also lasts 5 minutes. and is lighter to be able to pump them. the potions also stack giving a regular player stacking time. 6 heavy potions is 1 hour or 12 lighter one hour. but works against naked Albion Online Silver farmers stacking because you get logged off in 60-120 seconds. making you lose your buff any how. Or if some one has been naked scouting 3-5 times they get a re log penalty of 1-5 hours on the account. same way they are doing in league of legends for afkers. it works.

Another way is to add a spell to cloaks. can give u 30 seconds invisibility can help from getting ganked by zergs giving person who is flee a good 30 seconds to run Also people trying to pass naked scouts. People who are attacked before going invisble cannot go invisible. this is also in league of legends with a charecter named twitch.

As is becomming the theme. Devs are trying to limit in game behaviors through mechanics rather than taking the 'account limits' further. If people are really running 30 empty accounts to run bots then that is where the problem needs to be addressed. I understand changing from a F2P Cheap Albion Online Gold model is the first step in this but there is so much more that could be done. Rather than create a whole system designed around stopping it, why not simply address it at the source? There is no way there are 30 computers sitting idle to run bots. Theyare being run in a multi-window environment, fix that and you solve the majority of the problem.

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