Promising Looking Sandbox Albion Online Game

Korn replied here some time ago and stated, that they are aware of major issues in the game and simply need to tackle them over time.

The thing is - and i am very honest here, so please bare with me -, that sometimes along the way form last alpha to this beta, marketing decisions had been made. Decisions, which are destroying the game and left a feeling of playing a browser game altogether, for me. I don't know who decided it and if it was in the making, even before the summer alpha test (LP), but whoever it was: you should be fired and maybe even thrown at with some eggs.

Making a game and putting up videos of what you can become in this world... it was basically all butchered down from a nice and promising looking sandbox Albion Online Power Leveling game, to a real lackluster browser game. And i also got the feeling, that a couple of SI's employes are really sad about what has been made out of their creativity and hard work. Cause at the core of it all, we applaud you for being brave and creating this game, financing yourself so well and running on a growing team. Good job!

But that is the only reason + that Korn showed us some transparency, that keep my hopes up for this game.There are definitely Albion Online Silver distractions and diversions in other MMOs that make progression feel more natural because you might find yourself side tracked by things that are interesting to go explore or fun to do. Right now as it stands AO requires a single-minded drive to go out and do something, and there's nothing to do in the interim that gives you a break. It's craft, gather, grind, pvp, or nothing.

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