NBA 2K17 Patch & Fix Issues: How To Fix Several New Game And New 1.03 Patch Made Adjustments

Recently, PlayStation 4 and PC were launched by NBA 2K17 patch 1.03. Followed by, the Xbox One version soon to be follow. There are several new features for NBA 2K17 update, meanwhile, Euroleague games and NBA rules are also made some adjustments. NBA 2K17 made some changes on modes and features, sure enough, with it was released, many players all start to buy NBA 2K17 MT and give high praise.

According to U4NBA.COM, NBA 2K17 1.03 patch will affect every aspect of the game. Speaking of the new update features, including team's jerseys, the 1992 Dream Team and substitution modes. Before, NBA 2K17 players who pre-ordered complained that the 1992 Dream Team was not playable and "NBA 2K17" developers have since addressed the issue. Regarding Euroleague, "NBA 2K17" gamers will notice how it has differences in rules and violations compared to the NBA. With the new 1.03 patch, the settings will automatically adjust to Euroleague rules for players who choose it.

The 5-Second Closely Guarded rule in Euroleague games was fixed so tha the violation will only be called when the ball carrier is holding the ball, and not while dribbling it. In "NBA 2K17" MyCAREER and MyCOURT, the proper controls for "Orange Juice" were fixed. The Ankle Breaker badge issue was addressed and Coach Brubaker no longer criticizes players who miss practice due to injuries. In MyGM and MyLEAGUE, an issue where loaded custom draft classes were not preserved was fixed. When the salary cap rule is turned off, players are required to sign for normal contract values in "NBA 2K17."

PlayStation Lifestyle stated that the "NBA 2K17" update features new court floors for the New York Knicks and Milwaukee Bucks. Uniforms were enhanced with the addition of patches. In the "NBA 2K17" gameplay, the frequency of lob passes was lowered, while the pass speeds were increased. Changes were also made in MyPARK and 2K PRO-AM, such as voice chatting beingadded to the Pro-Am Team Arena. The Turbo meter will now flash red when exhausted, the Custom Wall progress will not disappear when changing basket types for players who edit a Pro-Am Team Arena.

For the new update patch, NBA 2K17 1.03 has a file size of 7.1GB. 2K also stressed that the patch soon to be release the Grand Badges in MyPark as well as Pro-Am. For NBA 2K17 more updates and details, click here.

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