Maplestory: Why it should play on xbox one

First of all, I would like to thank the developers for making this game live like what seems forever to me, since I was 9, I have always loved the concept of grinding on channel 14 to finally reach that third job advancement and get that darn cool set of MS Mesos equipement. Not many MMORPG holds this much grip on me than MS, really, I'm 18 and still log in to see what's up. So yeah I just got Diablo 3 on my xbox one (a similar yet different really good game) and I asked myself WHY IS THIS GAME NOT ON THE XBOX LIVE MARKET YET?!?! After the not so much fun iphone apps, why not programming the game on a console that has all of the power needed to run MS?

Not only you HAVE to bring back a world selection(including the channeling system (you'll understand if you ever try to fight a boss on ESO)), but all the content of the PC game too.A remapping of the menu's IS necessary but I highly believe this is Do-able. Just like diablo did from pc to xbox/playstation. I cannot wait to wander around the maple world from my xbox.

I know from the past (evan class for example lmao) that you (nexon) have been a company that really likes MONEY.!!! Can you imagine the opportunities?? (really big wink)

lmao who are you to say it's a bad proposition?
1. They did it on the iphone (yeah. and windows 10 is pretty much the same as xbox one platform, I don't see why they could get it working on buy MapleStory Mesos windows 10 but not the one.

2. You have no imagination?!? you know that little menu ''macro'' that let's you cast 5 buffs/skills with a single assigned key? yeah.
3.''free to play'' OK you're right but have you ever been on the NX store? just look at the sales homie$.

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