Right. It's beta, things will change. No matter how compelling the laborer system might be, it's not worth keeping if it's destroying the rest of the game's economy.

But given AO's unique challenges, it's almost a perfect fit for the game. It forces the more casual/solo or small group folks out into red and black zones for at least a short time, and rewards them by providing high tier resources safely to their door, 8 hours later. It's exactly the type of safe zone/red & black zone synergy the devs have talked about in other posts.It's still worth doing, even if more than half our forays into full-loot zones end in disaster and we're only able to find enough resources to fill a  Albion Mall book one out of every 4 or 5 trips. Reduce the return too much, and we'll be into another situation where the reward is greatly outweighed by the risk, just like so many other aspects of the game at the moment.

The T6 Dire Wolf journal on test yielded a return of 5 regular hides and 4 uncommon hides. For anyone that was curious. I would also note the fame for this particular journal increased from 25,313 required fame on live to 38,156 on Test. I cannot compare higher tier journals because T6 is the highest I've unlocked.

I am inclined to agree with Jonathan_Silverblood. If your intent is to let players fill up journals during their playtime, and then turn in the fame they've gathered for an extra 1/3rd return, then I would rather opt for journals that did not have limits to the fame. Make it so the journals don't fill up and we can turn one in at the end of the day. It's worth noting that if you took this approach, I still wouldn't bother with red/black zone journals except for very specific scenarios when we go out as a guild to gather so my Cheap Albion Online Gold risk of death is lowered. However, with that approach at least I'd bother with them a little vs not wishing to do so at all with the returns on test. I'd want to level my vendors up to get to that point if journals themselves had no limit.

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