I've mentioned this before. All cure pots, magic powders, and crystals/crystal ores all only stack up to 100. Most pots now stack up to 300, some even to 400. Why haven't all cure pots been updated to stack up more? Even non-tradeable ones stack to 200, but the MS Mesos tradeable only stacks up to 100. Please update all cure pots to stack up to 300. As for crafting, mineral ores, herbs, and item crystals all stack to 1000, why did we leave behind magic powders and crystals/crystal ores to still stack to 100? The stacking to 100 takes up a lot of etc slots. Please let these stack to 1000.

For boss soul shards, instead of stacking to 10, why not stack them to 100? The slots fill up so fast at 10.Good point I like it. Seriously nexon after all these years of event scrolls/aees/pot that have same id as tradable versions can you just make them "Tradable" so we can merge items of such kind or at least move them onto mules via storage. I have literally like 16-20 slots just for scrolls. and we have a soul bag but did you ever consider throwing star/bullet/arrow bags?.. they've been out since before souls were a thing.

What I would want changed is the queue Cheap MapleStory Mesos system. I've had many instances when we'd get all 18 people, and when the confirmation message comes up, there are 1-3 people who don't confirm, resetting the queue. And this happens over and over again, while people get frustrated and leave.

Nexon should slightly modify the system such that we don't need all 18 confirmations to begin; perhaps a lower number, like 15. This way, the queue doesn't get ruined by a few inattentive people.

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